Welcome to the Barbados Speech and Language Therapists in Independent Practice information site.

Barbados is a small island with a limited, but highly skilled number of qualified and registered speech and language therapists/pathologists.  While the Barbados government employ therapists at the Child Development Centre, other therapists are private practitioners. 

The aim of private speech and language therapy services is to provide clients and their families, from Barbados and the Caribbean, with a high international standard of therapy services.

The speech and language therapists are committed to providing therapy intervention to all client groups, from neonates through to the elderly.  

As registered and highly professional speech and language therapists, the team values continued education and strives to further develop professional skills on an annual basis at an International level. Speech and Language Therapists are the lead experts regarding communication and swallowing disorders. 

As well as working directly with clients and their families, training is available to government and private schools, charity groups, medical professionals and other organisations

Speech and language therapists fulfil professional requirements by registering with the Barbados Paramedical Professional Council (as required by local legislation).  The members are also affiliated to one or more of the following professional bodies - the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists (RCSLT) (UK), the Health Professionals Council (HPC) (UK), the Canadian Association of Speech Language Pathologist and Audiology (CASLPA) and the New Zealand Speech-Language Therapists Association (NZSLTA)



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