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Louise Frazer is a New Zealander who has been living in Barbados for the past 17 years.  She graduated from Canterbury University in New Zealand as a speech and language therapist.  Louise has worked in New Zealand, England and Scotland.  In the past she has worked with both adult and child populations.   

Louise now focuses her private practice on children from birth to sixteen years of age.  She is based at her Clinic, which is attached to her family home in St. George, Barbados.  Louise sees all children in this setting initially.  Some clients will receive therapy input at private schools or private preschools.  

Louise enjoys training parents and teachers about speech and language development.  She also gets a lot of pleasure out of running the It Takes Two to Talk and More than Words programs with her colleague  Nina Lashley.

In her spare time (!), Louise enjoys spending time with her teenage children, and helping her husband in the garden.  She also loves to travel and be with friends and family.

Nina Lashley is a Barbadian.  She completed her schooling in Barbados before heading to university at City College in London, UK.  Nina graduated as a speech and language therapist and spent several years working in the UK.  

Nina enjoys working with clients of all ages.  She is experienced both with children and with adult neurology clients.   Like Louise, Nina runs her private practice from an office on the South Coast.  She completes all initial assessments in this setting but also works in private schools and pre-schools.  

Nina runs parent training programs with Louise.  Nina and Louise also work closely together running their school screening program.

In her spare time, Nina's hours are filled up by her young daughter.



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