Speech and Language Therapy services are free to Barbadian children at the Child Development Centre, Jemmots Lane.  However, be prepared as in the past there has been quite a long wait list for services.


Private Therapy is available on the island.  The two therapists listed below have well established private practices and have over 35 years experience between them.

Both therapists work with children from babies through to teenagers.

Nina Lashley works with adult clients as well.

Louise and Nina have two new graduate therapists working along side them as this time, so there are no wait lists for services.  

Please contact either of the registered therapists below if you have any queries about services offered.

Louise K Frazer MRCSLT (UK), DipSLT/Primary Teaching (NZ)                                  Nina R Lashley MRCSLT (UK) BSc 

Speech and Language Therapist                                                                              Speech and Language Therapist

Speech and Language Pathology Services                                                                iCommunicate                                           

Hope House, Hope Road.                                                                                         Venture #1

St. George                                                                                                                Dayrells Rd, Christ Church

Barbados                                                                                                                  Barbados

PH: 246 5724644 . Cell: 2566081  E: louisekfrazer@gmail.com.                               Ph:  246 2560301/2320301  E: icommunicateslt@gmail.com



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