Speech and Language Therapy Barbados

Children develop at their own rate. These charts tell you when most children who speak only one language will reach each milestone. Your child should master the skills listed by the time he reaches the top of the age range. Missing one skill in the age range does not mean he has a problem. You may want to seek help if you answer "no" to most of the skills.


If you are concerned, please call a registered speech and language therapist to discuss your concern.   If it's a concern to you, it's a concern to us. 

The chart below gives a nice visual as to when speech sounds should be established in your child's speech.


Developmental Language Disorders are more common in children than Autism Spectrum Disorders. 

Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) is the new term to replace Specific Language Impairment (SLI). Developmental Language Disorder is diagnosed when children fail to acquire their own language for no obvious reason. This results in children who have difficulty understanding what people say to them, and struggle to articulate their ideas and feelings. Recent research has shown that, on average, 2 children in every class of 30 will experience DLD severe enough to hinder academic progress.


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