What does a speech and Language therapist do? 

 Speech and Language Therapists are the specialists in the field of communication.  They have studied for over four years at university and have specific qualifications in speech and language therapy. They follow evidence based practice and are associated with both medical and educational fields.

Who do we see?

SLT's will work with children who are late to speak (by the time a child turns two years old, they should have up to 100 words and be starting to join two words together), children who are not understanding what is being said to them, children with articulation errors in their speech, children who are non-verbal due to diagnosis such as autism, children with apraxia of speech, children with voice disorder and disorders of fluency (stammering).  Speech and Language Therapists have a huge role to play in literacy acquisition.  Reading is language based.  A child who is delayed with speech and language at a young age is at risk of having a reading disorder.  We can work with these children and help develop the morphology, syntax and phonological awareness skills needed for reading and spelling.

Speech and Language therapists can be involved in many of the following areas:


Ø  Assessing both children and adults and offering  differential diagnosis of speech, language, communication and swallowing problems

Ø  Individual 1:1 therapy  and group therapy sessions

Ø  Advocacy

Ø  Consultancy

Ø  Working as part of a team – including parents,  teachers, classroom support assistants, clinical and educational psychologists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists,  doctors, nurses, neurologists, Ear Nose and Throat Specialists,  audiologists , specialised  learning support teachers, and various other professionals.


Louise Frazer and Nina Lashley are  both qualified to assess for Autistic Spectrum Disorders using the ADOS (the Gold Standard of Autism testing) and 3Di assessments. The therapists are also trained in the use of the PROMPT approach,  HANEN Parent Programmes and the Derbeyshire Language Scheme.

Hanen programmes offered are:

It Takes Two to Talk (for parents with children who are late to talk)

More than Words (for parents with children who have autism or social communication disorders) - the next MORE THAN WORDS will soon be starting so please reserve a space ASAP

Talkability  (for parents who have children aged 3 to 8 with Aspergers syndrome or high functioning ASD)


During the Summer and Easter Vacations, various Camps are held at the Clinic. The camps are mornings only. This  summer the camps being offered included: Phonological  Awareness  for children aged 4 to 7, Listening and Language Camp for three year olds, and Reception Aged Language, Listening and a Lot of Laughter Camp for children entering school.  Please contact the therapists to enquire about Camps.

Louise and Nina are happy to discuss various therapy techniques and parent training programmes with you.


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